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Freeland Parish Council Home

About Freeland

Freeland is a small, rural village about 5 miles east of Witney in West Oxfordshire, and 9 miles northwest of Oxford. Its name is derived from the old English word 'fyrth' or 'frith', meaning 'wood', and a small woodland called Thrift Wood - which is filled with an abundance of bluebells every spring - is a triangular coppice located down a bridlepath from The Green. The main road running through Freeland - Wroslyn Road - is named from the 'Wrostling House', a 19th-century meeting place for professional fighters which no longer exists.

Freeland's population is around 1,500, comprising around 580 houses. Freeland's amenities include an Anglican church - St Mary the Virgin, one pub called the Oxfordshire Yeoman, a thriving garden centre, a primary school and pre-school, a residential care home, and a beautiful village hall alongside a sports field, children's playground and recreational facilities. 

This is the website of Freeland's Parish Council. 

Freeland Village Hall Freeland Village Hall

About Freeland Parish Council

Freeland has eight Parish Councillors, which are elected on a four-yearly cycle. Vacancies which occur in between elections can be filled through co-option by the existing Councillors. Meetings of the Parish Council have traditionally been held on the THIRD Monday of each month in the Newell Room; however, this will change from September 2022 to the SECOND Monday of each month. There is no meeting in August. The Annual Meeting of the Council is held at the ordinary meeting in May.

Anyone is welcome to attend the Parish Council meetings, and Freeland residents can ask the Chair to speak for 3 minutes at the start of the meeting on matters pertaining to the Agenda.